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Just about every where we go there is a lot of interest in our little Chalet Camper. Truth be told that is how we ended up with one in the first place. Years back Kim saw one while we were camping our way up the west coast. She asked the owner for a tour (lol), it’s funny since the unit is only 13 feet long. It’s additionally funny since we get the same requests as interested people want to see the inside of the little A-Frame camper.


Our unit is the LTW, truthfully this is a perfect unit for a couple but a tad small for a family of 3. I bought it used as a test to see if we would like the whole “camper” thing since we spent most of our camping life carrying all our gear on our backs. Well I like it, its nice to pull up to a campsite and pop-up the camper in minutes. You then have more time for Fishing, Kayaking or just plain relaxing.

This camper is a good fit behind our Jeep and it does well off road just make sure you secure everything inside.

Our LTW is equipped with a 2 burner propane stove, propane heater, 10 gallon fresh water tank, sink, ice box, and 120v/12v power. There is a dinette that converts into a nice size bed for two however our LTW has the galley and not the bunk up front.

A few minor modifications and we converted the front of our chalet to a nice little bunk.


Well now that I know we all like it I am thinking of moving up to a slightly larger Chalet like the Alpine, Aspen or Arrowhead. I also really like the T@b trailers but there again they are really designed for a couple not for 3. T@b has just introduced the T@da, a slightly larger T@b trailer, I have not seen one up close but they don’t seem to have the visual appeal that draws me to the original T@b. From the off road perspective the Chalet’s tall wheel base and low profile (folded) make it a better option for the trail.


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  1. Rene Says:

    Our RV salesman told us, “I always talk to people who say they bought too small a trailer; nobody every says they bought too big.”

  2. Camping Gear Says:

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  3. Bob Says:

    Wife and I have been looking at the Chalets since our daughter and son-in-law bought a used Alpine model two years ago. We also have a jeep and have been looking at the LTW model. Thanks for you insights into camping with it. If you happen to give serious consideration to “upsizing” let us know. we are looking to go to Alaska the summer of 09 and don’t want to tent camp.

  4. AKC Says:

    The LTW is a great choice to tow behind your jeep. I looked at the Tab’s and ruled them out as an option, they are too pricey, too low and have no real frame to speak of. I have not had the opportunity to check out the Alpine in person but I am leaning toward keeping the LTW and doing some additional remodeling to create a full bunk for my son.

    Hell I don’t want to get to comfortable, the LTW is an easy tow and provides a nice dry place to sleep and even cook/eat if the weather turns ugly and you can’t do so outside.

    If you have a lifted, rock crawler type jeep the Chalets are available with a trial boss package (lifted with HD suspension) however the standard LTW appears easy to lift a few inches if you need the extra clearance. I may do this as well and I will post to the blog any modifications I make.

  5. Fred Karasek Says:

    I’ve had my Chalet Aspen for almost six years now. After being a tent camper for over 15 years, it’s the best camping purchase I have ever made. I bought used and have absolutely zero regrets. I just can’t believe how much they are asking for new ones now. They stopped making my Aspen a few years ago but the Alpine is just about exactly the same thing and it sleeps our family of four just fine with two double beds fore and aft. It tows straight and true and is very easy to pull with my V6 F150. My milage is about 16-17 mpg pulling the trailer and about 18-19 without so it’s pretty easy on the gas too. You guys won’t go wrong picking a Chalet I.M.H.O. Cheers!

  6. pam collins Says:

    we bought our Alpine Chalet 2 years ago, used. We were tent campers for years, but we are both in our 60s now and really appreciate a “real” bed that we can sit on to change, etc. We don,t cook inside, much. We are still out side campers at heart & we still only sleep & change inside. The adult children in our lives say that we have a “really…really ” nice tent. Okay by us… our really nice tent is set up in literally minutes. We, too, get alot of “looy-lou’s that want to check out our digs. We’ve had sleep over guests… a little crouded… but fun, too. We LOVE this thing

  7. AKC Says:

    Thanks for the post Pam.
    I did end up keeping the Chalet LTW and did a major remodel this last spring. We removed the inside galley and built a permanent bunk for my son. I also built a outdoor kitchen that mounts to the rear of the Chalet. I will post pictures and the details of this remodel as soon as I have time.

  8. J Quesenberry Says:

    Our 2006 Chalet Arrowhead which we love, is leaking!!! So sad. It has leaked badly around the bubble window. Any others had any similar problems? Also, our top is delaminating . . . We bought it new but it had been on the lot for a year. We have had 2 long adventures in it - it’s so cute and so comfortable - we need it to stay dry and snug. ANY COMMENTS OR IDEAS OR OTHERS THAT HAVE HAD SIMILAR EXPERIENCES? THANKS.

  9. AKC Says:

    I purchased ours used and there was evidence (staining) that it leaked from bubble window. I pulled all the trim that surrounds the bubble on the outside of the chalet. I put down a good layer of caulking and put the trim back on. Then I caulked all the way around the trim again.

    We have never had a leak from the bubble since.

    No delamination that I see but I will keep an eye out for it.

  10. J Quesenberry Says:

    Thanks for sharing; have caulked outside 1x thoroughly. HOPE IT WORKS!

  11. J Quesenberry Says:

    Another Chalet Arrowhead question please: How do you store your Chalet? Garage or outdoors? Do you use a cover if you store it outside? THANKS. Also - what type of cover? Thanks. J. Quesenbery

  12. AKC Says:

    Ours is stored outside, set up with no cover. I leave it set up with the roof vents cracked open to allow air to circulate. The only issue I’ve had with storing it this way is the sun rotted the bungee cords that connect the two sides of the top.

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